Former Panel Members

Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith has twenty years of experience as an elementary school teacher, specializing in French Immersion and education of the gifted and talented. She obtained a Masters of Education (Psychopedagogy) from the University of Ottawa. Her interest in research ethics stems from numerous years as a patient at the forefront of endocrine research in Montreal and Toronto, subsequent to being diagnosed with a rare condition in 1966. She was one of the first Canadian children to be treated with human growth hormone and has experienced both the benefits and risks of being a research subject. Ms. Smith has a long history of active collaboration with the Canadian research community, from mentoring younger patients to promoting awareness for her particular condition. In January 2001 she was invited to present her views at a Canadian Institutes of Health Research symposium attended by Canadian and international researchers, ethicists, and lawyers to address the specific issue of notifying human growth hormone recipients of possible exposure to Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. Ms. Smith is the patient advocate representative on the National Placebo Working Committee.

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