Former Panel Members

Florence Piron

Florence Piron earned a degree in Philosophy and History (Paris-Sorbonne) before going on to complete a master's degree and a doctorate in Anthropology (Université Laval, 1999). Her thesis examined the ethical relationship between researchers and research subjects (listening, response, responsibility, consequences), and the continuation of this relationship in scientific (anthropological) writing. During her postdoctoral studies at McGill University she became interested in public administration ethics, and later obtained a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for a project on the ethical and political issues of the New Public Management. After having worked with the Conseil de la santé et du bien être du Québec as a researcher, Ms. Piron was appointed associate professor with Université Laval's Department of Information and Communications. She is a member of Université Laval's research ethics board and serves on the executive committee of the Canadian Anthropological Society (CASCA).

Passionate about the links between ethics, science and politics, Ms. Piron is attempting to build an "ethics of fellow citizenship for public scientific research." The basis of this ethics is the refusal to separate the process of building scientific knowledge from the moral and political concern about the effects of this knowledge; this concern must be shared by researchers as citizens and their fellow citizens who are not researchers.

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