Former Panel Members

Dr. Deborah Fels

Dr. Deborah Fels earned a PhD (1994) in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto, and an MHSc (1987) in Clinical Engineering from the University of Toronto. She is a professor in the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, and director of the Centre for Learning Technologies at Ryerson University.
Her research interests include access to multi-media computer applications and interfaces for people with disabilities, inclusive media, web-based applications, entertainment and religious interfaces. Current research projects include: emotive captioning and music visualization including software application, EnACT for adding animation to text; descriptive audio (live and post production) including software tool, LiveDescribe, and associated description wiki for amateur describers; SignLink Studio co-creator for creating online sign language web pages (see; and sensory substitution techniques for access to sound and visual information contained in film and television content for people with disabilities – including creation of a vibrotactile system called the Emoti-chair. She received one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 awards for the year 2001. She is also a professional engineer.

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