Panel Members

Daphne Maurer

Daphne Maurer is a Distinguished University Professor at McMaster University. Her background involves both scientific studies of the development of perception and  responsibilities focused on the ethics of research with humans. The research has been funded continuously by NSERC since 1974 with additional funding from SSHRC, MRC/CIHR, NIH, and a James S. McDonnell collaborative activity award. It has led to over 200 publications and several honours, including the Donald O. Hebb award of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science and Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada. A new project funded, by a joint NSERC/CIHR grant, is an applied study of the most effective methods for checking the vision of kindergarten children at school.

Dr. Maurer's background in ethics comes from service on the National Council on the Ethics of Human Research during the first iteration of the Tri-Council Policy statement and a subsequent 8-year term as Chair of the McMaster Research Ethics Board.


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