Panel Members

Bill Bogart

W.A. Bogart is a Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law at the University of Windsor (retired). He has lectured and delivered papers throughout North America and Europe, including at Duke University at the Law School and at the Center for Canadian Studies, the University of Uppsala, Sweden, the Legal Studies Institute, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Oxford University, and the Institute for Socio-Legal Studies, Onati, Spain. He has held several SSHRC and other research grants to support his research, has been a Virtual Scholar in Residence for the Law Commission of Canada, and has been a frequent consultant to government and other public bodies regarding legal and related policies.

He is the author/editor of eight books. His latest three have focused on various aspects of the regulation of consumption: Permit But Discourage: Regulating Excessive Consumption (OUP/NY, 2011), Regulating Obesity: Government, Society, and Questions of Health (OUP/NY, 2013) and Off the Street: Legalizing Drugs (Dundurn, 2016). He is a frequent media commentator on the regulation of consumption and his op-eds have appeared in many publications including The Conversation, Policy Options, Healthy Debate, Rabble, and iPolitics.

Bill is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Law and Society Association, Pro Bono Law Ontario, and the Policy Research Committee of the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. He is a member of: Advisory Board, The National Self-Represented Litigants Project; Research Ethics Board, Unity Health Toronto; and The Panel on Research Ethics. He and his wife, Linda Bertoldi, are Patrons of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

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