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To: Secretariat, Panel on Research Ethics (PRE)

From: Heads of Applied Research – Research Ethics Boards (HAR-REB)

Re: Tri-council Policy Statement (TCPS) 2 Consultation


The Heads of Applied Research – Research Ethics Boards (HAR-REB) Subcommittee Executive, which includes REB representatives from Ontario colleges, is hereby submitting comments on two of the four TCPS themes that are part of the current public consultation. These themes are: 1) the ethics review of multi-jurisdictional research and 2) the proposed guidance regarding broad consent for the storage and use of data and human biological materials.

The HAR-REB Executive is composed of eight members, including seven members from REB colleges. The comments herein do not preclude each college sending additional comments on the proposed revisions.

The HAR-REB Executive would like to take this opportunity to thank the PRE and the Secretariat for putting in place this consultation and for providing enough time to respond, considering the summer period and the heavy workload involved with the beginning of a new academic year taking place during a pandemic. This is greatly appreciated.

Specific commentary

Please find below comments on two of the four TCPS themes under review.

1) The Ethics Review of Multi-jurisdictional Research



2) Proposed Guidance Regarding Broad Consent for the Storage and Use of Data and Human Biological Materials

Michel Bergeron, La Cite, Ottawa, chair, HAR-REB
Eleanor Gittens, Georgian College, Orillia, vice-chair, HAR-REB
Florencia Carlino, Sault College, Sault Ste. Marie, secretary, HAR-REB
Debbie McKee Demczyk, Durham College, Oshawa, member, HAR-REB executive
Krista Holmes, George Brown College, Toronto, member, HAR-REB executive
Lydia Boyko, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Toronto, member, HAR-REB executive
Noor Jehan Kabani, George Brown College, Waterfront Campus, Toronto, member, HAR-REB executive

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