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Dear Panel members,

The Brock University REB(s) would like to thank you for this opportunity to comment on the proposed changes to the TCPS2 (2018). You will find our comments attached. Please note that we restricted our comments to the areas of multijurisdictional research and broad consent as these are changes that will most impact our researchers.

Demographic information:

  1. Province: Ontario
  2. Affiliation: Brock University
  3. Capacity: Research Ethics Board(s) and Office of Research Ethic
  4. Discipline (panels): Social Science Research Ethics Board (SREB) and Health Science Research Board (HREB)

Thank you

Lori Walker
Manager, Research Ethics
Brock University

TCPS2 Public Consultation 2021 Response
Brock University

The review of multi-jurisdictional research

Broad consent in research

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