TCPS 2 (2018) – Acknowledgements

The expertise and commitment of numerous people have contributed to TCPS 2 (2018) – this revised version of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. On behalf of the members of Panel on Research Ethics (Panel), I acknowledge and thank all who have contributed to the process and deliberations that led to the launch of TCPS 2 (2018). Research ethics practices and policy in Canada are strengthened by this collaborative effort and shared commitment to develop and maintain high ethical standards for ethical research involving humans.

The Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research (Secretariat), through its Executive Director, Susan Zimmerman, and group of policy analysts, provided efficient substantive and administrative support to the Panel. The Secretariat’s commitment enabled and sustained the Panel through this multi-year process of revising and expanding the guidance in TCPS 2 (2018).

Engagement with Canada’s research community and those with a professional focus on research ethics has continued to inform the priority areas for clarification and development of TCPS 2 (2018). Several vehicles enable this sharing of insights and suggestions. These include the TCPS 2 interpretation service, the survey upon completion of the online Course on Research Ethics (CORE), the Secretariat’s speaking engagements at regional and national meetings, and public consultations on the Panel’s proposed changes.

In addition, the Panel struck two subcommittees – the Chapter 11 (Clinical Trials) Subcommittee and the Material Incidental Findings Subcommittee – to engage closely with experts in these specific areas. These groups fostered critical deliberations about ethical conduct of research and provided the Panel with individual and collective perspectives for evolving research ethics policy. Members of these subcommittees generously contributed substantial time and expertise that informed this revision.

Integral to formulating and recommending the changes for TCPS 2 (2018) are the talented and dedicated members of the Panel, especially present members and those of the recent past. It is a privilege to have worked with each of you, and also a pleasure.


Carolyn Ells
Chair, Panel on Research Ethics

Panel on Research Ethics

  • Judith Bartlett
  • Michel Bergeron
  • Bill Bogart
  • Pierre Boulos
  • Marie-Pierre Bousquet
  • Peter Chow-White
  • Édith Deleury
  • Deborah Fels
  • Lawrence Felt
  • Conrad Fernandez
  • Joyce Helmer
  • Daphne Maurer
  • Gordon Robinson
  • Martin Schechter
  • Veronica Stinson
  • Lehana Thabane
  • Brent Windwick

Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research

  • Susan Zimmerman, Executive Director
  • Hanan Abdel-Akher, Senior Policy Analyst
  • Margaret Blakeney, Senior Policy Analyst
  • Wendy Burgess, Policy Analyst
  • Cathy Coghlan, Program and Administration Officer
  • Heather Dana Munroe, Communications Officer
  • Marie-Sol Poirier, Senior Advisor for Research Ethics
  • Karen Wallace, Senior Advisor
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