If TCPS 2: CORE is a Requirement…

If you are a member of a research institution that has made this tutorial a requirement (e.g. as a prerequisite for thesis approval or REB review, for course credit, etc.), please:

If the name of your institution does not appear in the drop-down list, select “Other” and enter it manually. This information is necessary for your institution to verify that you have completed CORE.

CORE was launched in April 2011. If you completed the tutorial prior that date, your certificate is no longer valid. If your have completed the current version of CORE in the past, please check with your institution to see if they require you to redo the tutorial. If you are required to redo the tutorial, please note that your certificate will show the original completion date. For proof of completion, take a screen print of your dashboard, which will show the new completion dates for each module.

If you have previously completed CORE and have misplaced your certificate, please log back onto the tutorial with your email address and password to retrieve it. If you cannot remember your password, please contact Webgrants@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca for assistance.

We hope you enjoy this learning opportunity. We welcome your comments on the user satisfaction survey that is available upon completion of the tutorial.

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